Bitten Peach

Catering | Private Chef | Kitchen Coach

I cannot recommend Erin’s services more highly. I’m tempted to keep her a secret, but sharing the culinary joy too great a temptation.
— Len (Private Chef Client)

Erin Detroit Vesey is the owner and head chef at Los Angeles based Bitten Peach. With over 14 years experience working in popular restaurants in the LA area and as a Vegan Specialist, Kitchen Manager, and Catering Supervisor at Whole Foods, she has a firm grasp on how to deliver delicious food no matter the circumstances. In addition to making the grab-n-go food for Cuties Coffee, she's available to cook for you in a private setting as a Private Chef, cater a small event, teach you how to be more efficient in the kitchen with Kitchen Coaching, and or in a public event around Los Angeles.