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Catering | Private Chef | Kitchen Coach

Want to feel more confident in the kitchen, cook more delicious meals, and learn to save some money on grocery bills? Then getting some help from a professional Chef should be moved to the front burner.

With Erin's experience working at Whole Foods as a Vegan Specialist, Kitchen Manager, and Catering Supervisor, managing some of the busiest kitchens in LA and cooking for her own family with their ever-changing dietary needs, she can teach you tips and tricks on how to battle the never-ending question of "What's for dinner?" 

Whether you need help learning new recipes that are outside your wheelhouse, assessing your kitchen equipment for more efficiency, and or smartening up your grocery shopping, Erin can help you start cooking with gas! 

Below are some options on how to work with Erin. 

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complete kitchen coach

Want to improve your experience in the kitchen from market to table? In three 2 hour sessions Erin can help you have a more satisfying experience in the kitchen.

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Quick Kitchen Coach 

For people with a little more confidence in the kitchen, this 2 hour session will be focused on whatever kitchen issue you may be having.